Update: Vernon election results

Votes for Mayor:

  • Victor Cumming: 4,346 ✅
  • Sott Anderson: 3,673
  • Erik Oleson: 530

Votes for Council:

  • Kelly Fehr: 4,538 ✅
  • Kari Gares: 4,485 ✅
  • Teresa Durning: 4,309 ✅
  • Akbal Mund: 4,131 ✅
  • Brian Guy: 4,092 ✅
  • Brian Quiring: 3,945 ✅
  • Jenelle Brewer: 3,659
  • Dawn Tucker: 3,456
  • Ed Stranks: 1,860
  • Stephanie Hendy: 1,578
  • Ross Hawes: 1,484
  • Patric Ance: 1,256
  • Andy Wylie: 677

The referendum for the new Active Living Centre passed with 5,021 voting "Yes," and 3,282 voting "No."

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Votes for School Trustees:

  • Jenn Comazzetto: 4,339 ✅
  • Vanessa Mitchell: 2,793 ✅
  • Mark Olsen: 3,984 ✅
  • Tom Williamson: 3,174 ✅

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Original post:

Here’s a quick list of who I voted for in the 2022 municipal election in Vernon. 


  • Victor Cumming: 


  • Kelly Fehr
  • Brian Guy
  • Dawn Tucker
  • Akbal Mund
  • Jenelle Brewer
  • Teresa Durning*


  • Philipp Gruner (Vernon)
  • Vanessa Mitchell (Vernon)
  • Jenn Comazzetto (Vernon)
  • Mark Olsen (Vernon)
  • Kelli Sullivan (Coldstream)

Below you'll find a more detailed exploration of the candidates and the issues.


✅ Victor Cummings is the only reasonable candidate for mayor this year. As the incumbent, I think he’s been “OK.” Overall, he seems to be a good representative of our city. He and the council pushed for new water filtration solutions and helped secure a $30 million dollar grant from the province.

?‍♂️ Scott Anderson was openly antagonistic toward public health measures during the pandemic. He frequently shares toxic rhetoric on social media. He openly mocks electric cars and other green initiatives. He supported the Freedom Convoy on multiple occasions. He was widely criticized for his stance on the homeless and shopping carts. He opposed cultural training for City of Vernon staff, where the purpose was to pursue reconciliation and raise awareness about First Nations history.

?‍♂️ Erik Olesen has a reasonable platform but doesn’t have experience on City Council (he tried in 2021 but didn’t secure a seat).


You can vote for up to 6 councillors.

If you disagree with Scott Anderson’s politics, be careful which councillor you vote for! Some candidates’ platforms and websites look reasonable but frequently vote with Scott.

✅ This year I’m endorsing:

  • Kelly Fehr (incumbent): tireless advocate for people with addictions, affordable housing, and community safety.
  • Brian Guy: living in Vernon since 1994. Has been an active community leader: founder of Summit Environmental, Okanagan Basin Water Board member, co-chair of Climate Action Advisory Committee.
  • Dawn Tucker: we’ve debated a bit online, and haven’t always agreed, but I like her moxie. She’s always seemed well-researched on local issues. I also appreciate her inclusive approach to politics.
  • Akbal Mund: the most responsive politician I’ve met. Whenever I’ve sent him a DM, or email, he’s responded almost immediately. We don’t always agree, but he’s always willing to listen and describe his stance. His years of experience as mayor are also a big asset for the city.
  • Jenelle Brewer: I don't know as much about Jenelle, but I've had several people recommend her. She has experience as a School Trustee, and her platform seems reasonable.
  • Teresa Durning: I've had a number of people (who I trust) reach out and highly recommend Teresa. They've described her as a community-oriented candidate. I'm voting for Teresa as my 6th choice, primarily on their recommendation.

School Trustees

?‍♂️ The ParentsVoice BC group running trustee candidates who have some truly heinous aims for our education system in Vernon. The NOLC union condemned the group, saying:

“The harmful policy and rhetoric positions embraced by ParentsVoiceBC candidates, and others, and to instead vote for candidates who support human rights and inclusion in our schools.“

These candidates have refused to show up for debates, and have refused to answer questions from the media. They all scrubbed their social media profiles to hide previously expressed views.

Don’t vote for ParentsVoice BC candidates!

✅ This year I’m endorsing:

  • Philipp Gruner (Vernon)
  • Vanessa Mitchell (Vernon)
  • Jenn Comazzetto (Vernon)
  • Mark Olsen (Vernon)
  • Kelli Sullivan (Coldstream): I wish Kelli was running in my area! If you’re in Coldstream, she’s the clear choice. Understands the education system, has had kids go through local schools, and has lived here for 20 years. She’s also the only candidate who lives in Coldstream!

More resources

Hats off to anyone who does research for an election. It took me hours to look up each candidate, scroll through their social media profiles, find relevant news stories, and talk to other community members about who they were voting for and why.

Here are a few election guides that might be helpful: